Bcrypt Hash Generator and Checker

Encrypt and verify multiple hashes using the bcrypt function.

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About Bcrypt Hash Generator and Checker


Bcrypt Hash Generator is an online tool to generate a set of unique Bcrypt hashes based on an input text and a number of random salt rounds. The generated output digest contains a 60-character hash using the Bcrypt function and generated in real time.

Verify Bcrypt Hashes

Also, this tool provides the ability to check the integrity of any bcrypt hash and input text. If the provided text and the bcrypt hash match, you will see a green message after clicking the "Validate" button.

Tool features

  • Text/String to Bcrypt
  • Custom number of Salt Rounds
  • Check Bcrypt and text matching
  • Real-time conversions and verifications

The Bcrypt Hash Function

Bcrypt is a popular cryptographic function designed for password hashing and created in 1999 by Niels Provos and David Mazieres. The name "bcrypt" is derived from "Blowfish cipher," the underlying algorithm used in bcrypt. Bcrypt uses Key stretching and Salt techniques to enhance its security and make it resistant to brute force attacks.