MD4 Hash Generator

Generate MD4 hashes for any given string and get 32-digit hex numbers as output.

About MD4 Hash Generator

MD4 Hash Generator is an online tool to generate a MD4 hash for any given string, providing a simple way to generate hashes from text or string by using the MD4 Hashing algorithm. The output length of the md4 hash function is 128 bits, and it's represented as 32-digit hexadecimal output. The MD4 encoder includes the following features:

  • String to MD4
  • Text to MD4
  • Instant conversion from text to MD4 hash

What is MD4?

MD4 Hash (also called 'Message-Digest' algorithm), is a popular hash function developed in 1990. Although today the algorithm is obsolete for network purposes, later hashing algorithms were strongly influenced by MD4. Then, the MD4 Algorithm is widely used for educational purposes (studying collisions and general cryptographic functions).

How to generate MD4 Hash?

  1. Enter the input data, text or string.
  2. Wait a few milliseconds until the md4 hash is generated.
  3. Copy the generated md4 hash to clipboard and use it anywhere.

Examples of MD4 hash

Input text MD4 hash
MD4 Example 854265a95986e67665332f04265461f5
Hash123 81121b1c2f7ee9c4f6ee6d2c4d46b748
$p3cialch4r4ct3r$()!! 5caa4a90db071585161e35a76d4e06c7