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About JPG to BMP

  • JPG to BMP conversion
  • Support of large JPG files
  • High quality BMP conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no rate limit)

What is JPG to BMP Converter?

JPG to BMP (or jpeg to bitmap) is an online image converter that helps you perform JPG image conversions into BMP format. With this tool, you can quickly convert jpg to bmp while keeping the original image quality. Also, our jpg to bmp file converter allows you to convert an unlimited number of images without any compression!

Why convert JPG to BMP?

Converting JPG to BMP can be necessary for various reasons. The main motivation is compatibility, since some applications require .bmp as especifc input image format. BMP is also useful when trying to manipulate the image pixel-by-pixel or when lossless compression is needed.

Another common reason to convert from jpg to bmp is that BMP images are really easy to print. The image quality and pixels are not affected at all. It's always useful to have this jpg converter tool at hand for when some of the above mentioned points need to be satisfied.