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About GIF to PNG Converter

  • GIF to PNG conversion
  • Support of large GIF files
  • High quality PNG conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no rate limit)

Why use GIF to PNG converter?

GIF to PNG Converter tool helps you quickly and easily convert gif images into png. In some cases, a specific frame of a gif file is needed and you need to convert the image into a compatible format to do that. Then, gif file converter is the perfect option to transform images from gif format to png format and obtain cross-device compatibility. Also, you can convert multiple gif to png using this tool (there is no limit!) and the image quality will always be the highest (no compression). Convert gif to png instantly, download the images and use them anywhere.

What does GIF mean?

GIF means Graphics Interchange Format. As its name suggests, the .gif format provides a high-compressed way to display multiple images or frames in a sequence to create an animated clip.