WEBP to TGA Converter

Free WEBP to TGA (targa) image converter, with high quality and no rate limit.

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About WEBP to TGA

  • WEBP to TGA conversion
  • Support of large WEBP files
  • High quality TGA conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no rate limit)

What is WEBP to TGA Converter?

WEBP to TGA is an image converter that helps you quickly get .tga files from .webp images. This tool provides a simple way to convert WEBP to TGA files, by keeping the quality as the original source file. Also, there is no limit on converting WEBP to TGA, so you can convert all the images you want and up to 30MB!

In certain instances, it may be necessary to convert images to a more appropriate format in order to enhance compatibility. This is where our image converter tool comes into action. Our WEBP to TGA converter is particularly useful when there is a need to utilize image files in TGA (or targa) format or when specific tga features are needed for an image.

How to convert WEBP to TGA?

To convert WEBP to TGA format, choose a webp file from your device. Then, upload the file to the page and a "Convert" button will show up. Click on the button to start the conversion process (it will take a few seconds). Once the webp image is converted to tga, click on the displayed "Download" button to store the generated TGA file on your device. Enjoy your .tga images and use them anywhere!

WEBP vs TGA file format

WEBP format is a popular image type launched in 2011 with the goal of reducing the size of the images with any compression level. In this way, the image transfer and loading speed of this modern image format has become a good option for web developers when loading images on any website. It supports lossy and lossless compression, transparency, among other features.

On the other hand, Truevision TGA (or TARGA) is an older format, created in 1984. Anyway, this file format supports transparency as well, and the compatibility is quite high across multiple devices. The main disadvantage of tga format instead webp is the size: tga has larger file sizes than webp, especially when using lossless compression. Also, the popularity of TGA is decreasing because of its technical limitations and WEBP is being used from year to year (due to its modern implementation and efficient compression algorithm).