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About BMP to PNG Converter

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Why use BMP Image Converter to PNG?

BMP to PNG Converter is an image converter that helps you quickly convert images from BMP file format into PNG. Sometimes, having a bmp file is not enough to get the perfect compatibility with some platforms and get an acceptable file size. Then, converting .bmp to png using our tool will give you a new converted PNG image ready to download, for free and instantly. Also, there is no limit to the number of .bmp images you can convert and the maximum BMP file size is 20MB (you can perform a conversion using a large bmp file). Use our BMP converter and download PNG images at the highest quality and very low compression.

What is a BMP file?

The .bmp file format (or bitmap) is a type of image format used to store bitmap digital images, created in 1995 by Microsoft with the goal of preserving the resolution of digital images across multiple screens. Anyway, this bmp file type is uncompressed and independent of graphics adapter, so it's a popular image format, compatible with multiple devices.

The meaning of .bmp file extension is bitmap, an array of bits that specifies the color of each pixel, given a rectangular array of pixels. This approach to composing images was useful to display images regardless of the device and improve compatibility, especially at the end of the last century, when most of the image formats had an implementation adapted to each particular device.