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About TGA to PNG Converter

  • .TGA to PNG conversion
  • Support of large TGA files
  • High quality PNG conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no rate limit)

What is TGA to PNG?

TGA to PNG is an online image converter tool that helps you convert from TGA (targa) to PNG format in just a few seconds. Also, .tga to png can become really useful when a TGA file cannot be opened with a specific program, software or application.

Since TGA is not a popular format nowadays, it can be difficult to using your .tga images anywhere. Converting to PNG can be a better alternative to use your images in multiple places and sharing them easily. Start today and convert tga to png in just a few seconds!

Why use TGA to PNG Converter?

TGA to PNG Converter will help you convert and download any TGA file into PNG format with a few clicks. This tool will provide you with maintaining the compatibility of your .tga files in a simple way and without costs. The upload size limit per image is 30MB, but there are no limits on converting images (you can convert as many as you want!). TGA Converter is the best option to make your images available for any device.

What is a TGA file?

The meaning of TGA is Truevision Graphics Adapter, also known as Targa Graphic File. This file type was created in 1984 by Truevision Inc. and designed to support 16, 24 or 32 bits per pixel. TGA is widely used in multiple areas such as digital photos and textures, in addition to image files in some video games.

How to open a TGA file?

There are multiple products that support TGA files, such as Adobe Photoshop, TGA Viewer, File Viewer Plus or Paint.Net, among others. As an alternative, you can use our .tga converter to switch to PNG format and open/use the image on any platform.