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About BMP to JPG

  • BMP to JPG conversion
  • Support of large BMP files
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What is BMP to JPG Converter?

BMP to JPG (or bitmap to jpeg) is an image converter tool that helps you to get JPG images based on your original BMP (bitmap) files. This bmp converter will provide you a simple and quick way to convert bmp to jpg, without costs, limits and image compressions. Start now converting files from .bmp to jpg and make your images more compatible across all devices!

Why convert BMP to JPG?

Converting BMP to JPG can be necessary for various reasons. The main motivation is the file size reduction, since BMP file size is much larger than JPG. Having images in a lightweight format can be easy to share and transfer between networks. The improved compatibility is another advantage to change bmp to jpg, as well as improving the storage efficiency and the online image sharing. JPG is one of the most popular image formats, so it's always useful to have this tool at hand for when some of the above mentioned points need to be satisfied.


Both BMP (or bitmap) and JPG (or JPEG) are some of the oldest image formats. In terms of compression, lossy compression is applied in JPG and BMP files are uncompressed by default (compression must be performed manually, if needed). Also, the quality of BMP is higher than JPG images, and for that reason, BMP files are larger than JPG.

JPG is more compatible than BMP, being the most used digital image format on the Internet. Users prefer JPG due to its adoption and the good balance between file size and quality. BMP is also a good alternative while using Microsoft technologies and when high-quality images are needed, regardless of the file size.