Online Text Counter

The simplest way to inspect your texts.

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About Text Analyzer

  • Character counter
  • Word counter
  • Sentence, paragraph, vowel and consonant counter
  • Real-time results
  • Simple interface and fast calculation for big texts

What is Text Analyzer?

This tool helps you to generate a report about many relevant details of your texts. Sometimes, the word length or the text structure is important to meet the requirements of our tasks, whether we have a minimum/maximum extension limit or simply want to synthesize the description of a concept. We are focused on simplicity. In case of needing to cover more complex cases, try with different approaches for Text Analysis.

How text analyzer works?

Each time you paste a text or write a character, text statistics will be updated in real-time, so that you can track the status at all times, as well as checking when you are reaching an acceptable length structure. Read more about character count and character limits in popular social networks and sites.