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Simple tool for Centimeter/Kilometer conversion.

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About Centimeters to Kilometers Converter

Cm to km converter is a free online tool to simplify the unit conversion between Centimeters and Kilometers. You can save time and effort by performing your conversion tasks instantly. Also, you can switch the source and destination unit by clicking the icon in the center, and convert both from cm to km or km into cm (i.e. you can convert units in both directions). If you want convert centimeters to kilometers or vice versa, this km to cm calculator is the perfect tool for you, even when trying to convert large or very small numbers.

This tool includes the following set of features:

  • CM to KM conversion (Unit converter)
  • KM to CM conversion (Unit converter)
  • Support of decimal and integer numbers
  • Real-time calculations

How to convert cm to km?

To convert centimeters into kilometers, you need to divide centimeter by 100000. That will give you the result in kilometers. To perform the opposite operation (kilometers to centimeters), multiply the values in kilometers by 100000.

Explanation: The first step is convert centimeters into meters (divide by 100) and then meters into kilometers (divide by 1000). Finally, we join the number to convert from cm to km: 10^2 * 10^3 = 10^5 = 100000.

How many cm are in a km?

There are 100000 centimeters in a kilometer. To get this result, think about there are 100 centimeters in a meter, and 1000 meters in a kilometer. Then, if we have 1 kilometer and we multiply by 1000 (10^3) we get the equivalent in meters. Multiplying these meters by 100 (10^2) will return the measure in centimeters: 100000 cms in a km. To calculate it in one step, multiply 1km by 10^5 (100000).

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