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Free WEBP to GIF image converter with high quality and no limits.

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About WEBP to GIF Converter

WEBP to GIF is an image converter that helps users get GIF images from input WEBP files. This tool will provide you with a simple and fast way to convert .webp to gif, without any costs, limits and image compressions.

This tool includes the following list of features:

  • Free WEBP to GIF conversion
  • Support of large WEBP files
  • High quality GIF conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no rate limit)

Requirements for converting image formats are very common nowadays and might be a complex task if you don't have a proper tool to perform these conversions. We offer multiple image converters to achieve all the required conversion tasks. In the case of this tool, we provide a simple, quick and efficient way to convert from WEBP format files to GIF easily. Start now using our image converter, change webp to gif and make your images more compatible across all devices!

How to convert WEBP to GIF?

  1. Upload a WEBP file from your local storage and click on "Convert".
  2. Click on "Convert" and wait a few seconds until your GIF image is ready.
  3. Download the image in GIF format to use it anywhere.

Advantages of converting WEBP to GIF

  • Compatibility: Some programs and applications work with only one available file format. In the case of gif only, this tool can be used for converting webp to gif and use output files in any program that requires images as GIF.
  • High quality conversion: No compression is applied during the conversion process and we keep the quality as in the original file.
  • Large file size limit: You can turn webp to gif by using most of your WEBP input images since our file upload limit is considerably high (up to 25MB).
  • Free-to-use: There are no associated costs and limits on using this converter. It is always free and will remain so.
  • Cross-device compatibility: You can pick webp images to convert both from mobile, desktop, tablet and any platform.

Differences between WEBP and GIF format

There are some key differences between WebP and GIF files. The main difference that you can find is the file size: .webp images are lightweight, but .gif tends to have a higher size. Also, webp supports lossy and lossless compression and gif uses lossless only. GIF is better supported than WEBP, since the .gif format was created many years before webp. GIF provides more compatibility and WEBP introduces more loading and encoding efficiency.

How to convert WEBP to GIF?

To convert a webp image into gif extension, find the webp image on your device. Then, click on “convert” to start the conversion process and wait a few seconds until the gif image is ready.

How to save WEBP as GIF?

To save webp as gif you must convert a webp image to gif before, using our converter tool. Once the conversion is done and the GIF image is ready, a download button will be displayed. Click the button, download to your device and use the generated gif image anywhere.