Frequent asked questions about Multiwebtools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiwebtools is a website that provides multiple online web tools and utilities with the goal to automate tasks and improve user's productivity. We are constantly developing new web tools based on user suggestions, and on our analysis about the tools that are currently not covered on the Internet. For more information, please read our About page.

No. Multiwebtools provides online tools for everyone, not just for developers. However, there are some tools aimed at developers common tasks (JSON utils, IP Generators, etc.). Our tools are not intended for any particular audience.

No. All our tools are free-to-use and no registration is required at all.

Not on our side. Most of the data that must to be saved to improve the user experience is stored on the user's browser. In this way we avoid saving information of any kind about the user, and thus complying with data protection laws.

Not yet, but we are working to plan to launch an application in the future. At the moment, our tools are browser-based and compatible on all devices.

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