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About Yard to Meter Converter

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What is yard to meter converter?

Yard to meter converter is a real-time unit conversion tool to perform accurate calculations from yards to meters and vice-versa. This tool will help you to save time, effort, and avoid time-consuming operations. Pick the unit you need by clicking on the "switch" button and move from yards to meters or meters to yards easily. Also, this tool provides high precision for small and big numbers, as well as floating point numbers, using the formula: 1 yard = 0.9144 m.

How to convert yards to meters?

To convert yards into meters, enter a number in the "Yards" input (it can be a decimal number too). After that, you will see the instant conversion result in the "Meters" label. Repeat the conversion process any time you want.

How to convert meters to yards?

To convert meters to yards, click on the "Switch" button between the labels. Then, the meters to yards converter will be displayed (switching the input unit from yards to meters). Finally, type the unit number in meters into the "Meters" label and the result will be displayed in the "Yards" section.

Yard vs meter

Yard (yd) is a unit of measurement, commonly used in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. The international yard measurement was defined in 1959 as being 1 yard = 0.9144 meters (exactly). The yard unit is mainly used in sports like football, gold and cricket (used to measure the field length). Also, yard has multiple variations which are used in different countries and areas (square yard, cubic yard, big yard, etc).

Unlike yards, the Meter unit of measurement (or Metre for non-US countries) is part of the "Metric system" and a popular unit that is used globally. The international definition is 1 meter = 1.09361 yards. The meter is newer than the yard unit, and before that the standard unit of measurement in Europe was yards and inches. That's why yard measurements (that do not belong to the "metric system") are still adopted in the UK and US.

Conversion examples: from yards to meters

  • 25 yards to meters: 1yd = 0.9144m -> 25 yd = (25 * 0.9144) m = 22.86 meters
  • 100 yards to meters: 1yd = 0.9144m -> 100 yd = (100 * 0.9144) m = 91.44 meters
  • 200 yards to meters: 1yd = 0.9144m -> 200 yd = (200 * 0.9144) m = 182.88 meters
  • 300 yards to meters: 1yd = 0.9144m -> 300 yd = (300 * 0.9144) m = 274.32 meters
  • 500 yards to meters: 1yd = 0.9144m -> 500 yd = (500 * 0.9144) m = 457.2 meters

Conversion examples: from meters to yards

  • 50 meters to yards: 1m = 1.0936yd -> 50 m = (50 * 1.0936) yd = 54.68 yards
  • 60 meters to yards: 1m = 1.0936yd -> 60 m = (60 * 1.0936) yd = 65.616 yards
  • 100 meters to yards: 1m = 1.0936yd -> 100 m = (100 * 1.0936) yd = 109.36 yards
  • 200 meters to yards: 1m = 1.0936yd -> 200 m = (200 * 1.0936) yd = 218.72 yards
  • 400 meters to yards: 1m = 1.0936yd -> 400 m = (400 * 1.0936) yd = 437.44 yards

What is the abbreviation for yards?

The abbreviation for yard is yd and the abbreviation in plural is yds.

Cubic yards abbreviation

The abbreviation for cubic yards is cu yd or also yd^3.