SHA512 Hash Generator

Online Encryption from plain text or string to SHA-512 hash.

About SHA512 Hash Generator

  • String to SHA512
  • Text to SHA512
  • Instant conversion to SHA512
  • Copy function to re-use the generated hash

How to use SHA512 Hash Generator?

To use this SHA512 Hashing tool, just type or paste any text or input string in the textarea with "Input Text" label. After that, the SHA512 output hash (with 128 characters) will be instantly displayed below. You can use the generated hash anywhere!

What is SHA512?

SHA512 is a one-way hash function that produces a 512-bit (or 64-byte) output for any given string. Was published in 2001 by the National Institute of Standards of Technology and is one of the most popular hashing algorithms in the SHA-2 family, as well as an improved version of SHA-256 and SHA-384.

Is SHA512 secure?

Yes. SHA512 is one of the most secure hash functions, with high collision resistance and better performance than other hashing algorithms. However, the compatibility is one of the main points to consider when choosing SHA512. Currently, the hash standard on the internet is SHA-256.