PNG to TGA Converter

Online PNG to TGA image conversion with high quality (no compression).

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About PNG to TGA

  • PNG to TGA conversion
  • Support of large PNG files
  • High quality TGA conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no rate limit)

What is PNG to TGA Converter?

PNG to TGA is an image converter that helps you quickly get .tga files from .png images. The limit for uploading PNG files is 30MB per image, and the output TGA files will have the same quality as in the input images (we don't apply any compression). Also, this tool does not have any limit to convert PNG to TGA images, so you can perform all the conversions you want!

How to convert PNG to TGA?

To convert from PNG to TGA, upload any .png image from your device. Then, the "Convert" button will show up. Click on the button to start the conversion process (it will take a few seconds). Once the png image is converted to tga, click on the displayed "Download" button to store the generated TGA file and use it anywhere.


PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic and TGA stands for Truevision Graphics Adapter, also referred to as TARGA. The main difference between PNG and TGA is in the color channels: PNG uses the usual RGB (3 channels), while the TGA format uses a fourth channel (alpha channel) to store color information. Because of this, the compatibility between images should be considered while switching from one format to another.

PNG is a popular image format, used for multiple purposes and has wide compatibility with almost all modern devices. TGA is less popular, older and larger than PNG, but it's still useful for game engines and is also faster to manipulate (consider this speed/space tradeoff).