SHA1 Hash Generator

Online convert/encrypt from plain text or string to SHA1 hash.

About SHA1 Hash Generator

  • String to SHA1
  • Text to SHA1
  • Instant conversion to SHA1
  • Copy function to re-use the generated hash

How to use SHA1 Hash Generator?

To use the SHA1 Hashing tool, just type or paste any text or input string in the textarea with "Input Text" label. After that, the SHA1 output hash will be instantly displayed below. You can use the generated hash anywhere!

What is SHA1?

SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) is a widely used hash function created in 1995 that produces a 160-bit (or 20-byte) output hash or a hexadecimal digest of 40 characters. This hashing function was based on previous MD2, MD4 and MD5 implementations and is considered more secure than MD5 and aligned with the national US security standards. Since the SHA1 hashing process is more complex than MD5, the hash generation is quite slower.

Is SHA1 secure?

Not at all. Despite being safer than MD5 hashes, many attack methods and vulnerabilities were published for SHA1 algorithm. The main weakness is related to collisions (two different inputs that generate the same output hash).