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Online TGA (targa) to JPG (jpeg) image conversion with high quality, no compression and free download.

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About TGA to JPG

  • Online TGA to JPG converter
  • Support of large TGA files
  • High quality JPG conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no rate limit)

What is TGA to JPG Converter?

TGA to JPG is an image converter that helps you to get JPG images based on your original TGA files. This tool will provide you with a simple and fast way for converting tga to jpeg, without costs, limits and image compression. Our converter will help you to improve the compatibility of your TGA (or targa) images with all devices, programs and platforms, by using the JPG standard. Also, tga to jpeg converter is free-to-use and large image conversion is allowed (you can upload images up to 30MB!).

How to convert TGA to JPG?

To convert from TGA to JPG, upload any tga image from your device. Then, the "Convert" button will show up. Click on the button to start the conversion process (it will take a few seconds). Once the .tga image is converted to .jpg, click on the displayed "Download" button to store the generated JPG/JPEG file and use it anywhere.


TGA (also referred to as TARGA) stands for Truevision Graphics Adapter and was released in 1984 (version 1.0) and 1989 (version 2.0), with the goal of providing support for IBM PCs. JPG (also referred to as JPEG) stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and was created in 1992 in order to compress and standardize images of multiple sizes.

JPG is the most popular image format due to its balance of speed, usability, compatibility and quality. Both JPG and TGA are old formats, but JPG is better in terms of popularity and TGA is mainly used in programming contexts (especially on game engines). One advantage of TGA is that this format supports lossless compression. JPG/JPEG uses lossy compression, which is not so good to preserve image quality before and after the compression process. If you need to get an image in a standard format, JPG is the best option.