Binary to Octal Converter

Simple tool for Binary/Octal conversion.

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About Binary to Octal Converter

Binary to Octal is a numeric converter tool that helps you to convert binary to octal instantly. Also, you can use this calculator for small and big numbers (negative numbers included).

This tool allows you to convert from one base to another: you can also convert from octal to binary. Using it as a octal to binary converter, this tool provides the same features for numeric precision and real-time conversion. Converting binary to octal or from octal to binary is always free and there is no limit to the amount of numbers to convert!

How to use Binary to Octal Converter

  1. Type the binary number you want to convert in the "Binary number" section.
  2. Wait few milliseconds until the number is converted.
  3. Check the result displayed in the "Octal number" section.