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About JSON Beautifier / Validator

  • Online JSON Formatter
  • Validation of JSON Standard
  • JSON Pretty Print and Beautifier
  • Multiple JSON Standards supported
  • Custom indentation supported

What is JSON Beautifier?

JSON Beautifier is a multiple-purpose JSON online tool to enhance and validate your JSON files. This tool includes: validation of multiple JSON Standards, JSON formatter and JSON Pretty Print.

Advantages of using JSON Formatter

A JSON formatter (also called JSON Beautifier) helps you to fix and optimize your JSON data, as well as maintain large files so they remain readable no matter how big they get. Also, this tool is helpful to keep indentation of nested elements at a correct level, with a custom spacing delimitation to adjust the format to your data.

What is the structure of a valid JSON Format?

The JSON standard contains a set of values with a key/value pair format (see example below). The value of a JSON object can be another JSON, also called nested objects. A JSON is delimited by curly brackets {} (before and after defining the data).

Examples of valid JSON format

  • Example 1: {"key": "value"}
  • Example 2: {12: "twelve", "20": "twenty", "car": "model"}
  • Example 3: {"key": {"nested": "object"}}