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About PNG to BMP

  • PNG to BMP conversion
  • Support of large PNG files
  • High quality BMP conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no rate limit)

What is PNG to BMP converter?

PNG to BMP converter is an online tool that allows you to quickly convert images from PNG to BMP format. This image converter helps you convert PNG to BMP (or png to bitmap) in real-time and with no limits. Also, we preserve your image quality after conversion and we don't apply any compression in the process, so you can enjoy your converted images at the highest possible quality.

Why convert PNG to BMP?

Converting PNG to BMP can be necessary for various reasons. The main motivation is pixel manipulation, since the BMP format renders each individual pixel within the file. However, the file size and memory increases a lot for BMP. Unlike .PNG format, BMP file compression is not applied automatically and can be an advantage for image editing, keeping the maximum level of details on the file.

Also, converting to BMP is a good option when there is a compatibility requirement with a specific program or application, especially with Windows-based platforms. 'Bitmap' provides a raw format to handle pixels individually. It's always useful to have this image converter tool at hand for when some of the above mentioned points need to be satisfied and there is a motivation to change png to bmp.