SHA256 Hash Generator Online

Encrypt from plain text or string to SHA256 hash.

About SHA256 Hash Generator

  • String to SHA256
  • Text to SHA256
  • Instant conversion to SHA256
  • Copy function to re-use the generated hash

What is SHA256 Hash Generator?

SHA256 Hash Generator is an online tool to generate a set of unique SHA-256 based on an input string. The generated output digest contains a 64-character hash using the SHA256 function and generated in real time.

Is SHA256 secure?

Yes. SHA256 is considered secure, reliable and collision resistant. As an improved version of the older SHA1, the SHA256 hashing algorithm considered one of the most secure hashing functions today. SHA256 is also the main hash function used in blockchain technologies.

How does SHA256 work?

SHA256 processes an input string by applying multiple a hashing function that contains multiple steps: bit padding, buffer initialization, and compression using compression functions. The output produces a 256-bit output hash that can be used for digital signatures, protect sensitive data or any field in cybersecurity.