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Online WebP to PNG image conversion. Free-to-use and high quality (no compression).

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About WEBP to PNG

  • WEBP to PNG free conversion (no rate limit)
  • Support of large WEBP files
  • High quality PNG conversion
  • Cross-device compatibility: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc.

What is WEBP to PNG Converter?

WEBP to PNG is a free image converter to get .png files based on your original .webp files. This tool provides a simple way to convert from webp to png in real-time and high quality (no compression). You can convert .webp to png file format to make your images more compatible with all your devices (using the png standard). In addition, we don't have any limit on converting images, so you can convert all the images you want (with all your input webp images). Start using our tool from today, and efficiently change webp to png with no additional costs!

How to convert WEBP to PNG?

  1. Upload a WebP file from your local storage and click on "Convert".
  2. Click on "Convert" and wait a few seconds until your PNG image is ready.
  3. Download the image in PNG format and use it anywhere.

What is a .webp file?

The WebP format (Web Picture format) is a modern file type developed in 2010 by Google and intended to replace multiple file formats such as JPG and GIF. Webp files are lightweight and the quality is similar to JPG and PNG. One of the main uses of WEBP images is the graphic content in webpages, since this format allows to speed up the page load speed without sacrificing quality. Ultimately, the use of webp image format became a standard (and recommendation) for website images, and its adoption is massive: 8% of all websites use WEBP images. Also, webp is supported by 97% of browsers and the file extension is compatible with multiple programs.

WEBP is an open-source format and the developers can contribute to improving the functionality. The libwebp project has had many contributors for more than 10 years and any developer can participate.


PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and is a raster-graphics file format, created in 1996, developed by PNG Development Group and promoted by W3C. WebP format is intended as a replacement for other popular image formats such as PNG, JPG and GIF.

In terms of compression, WEBP allows both lossy and lossless compression and PNG offers lossless compression only. PNG files tend to be larger than WEBP, but the compatibility of PNG is higher across all devices and it has broad browser support (even more than 97% of .webp).

You can consider using WEBP or PNG depending on your needs: if you want to have smaller image sizes and optimize them for web use requirements such as loading speed, then WebP is the way to go, but if you mainly focus on compatibility, you should choose the PNG format.