GIF to TGA Converter

Online GIF to TGA image conversion with high quality (no compression).

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About GIF to TGA Converter

  • GIF to TGA conversion
  • Support of large GIF files
  • High quality TGA conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no rate limit)

What is GIF to TGA Converter?

GIF to TGA is an image converter that helps you quickly get .tga files from .gif images. This tool provides a simple way to convert BMP to TGA files. Also, you will get TGA files with the best quality (same quality as in the original file), and there is no limit to convert images, so you can convert all the images you want!

How to convert from GIF to TGA?

To convert GIF to TGA format, pick any .gif image from your device. Then, upload the file to the page and a "Convert" button will show up. Click on the button to start the conversion process (it will take a few seconds). Once the gif image is converted to tga, click on the displayed "Download" button to store the generated TGA file and use it anywhere.

GIF vs TGA Format

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is an old and very popular low-color image format. This file format is mainly used for animated images and small graphics like logos or banners. GIF supports transparency and compression. For animations, frames and timing information is stored in a single file. Most browsers support GIF as a web animation format.

TGA format is also an old image format, but less popular than GIF. The max colors for tga format are 16M too and the low-color mode is always 256. TGA files are much larger than GIF. The main difference is that tga doesn't support animation frames.