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About this tool

  • JPG to PNG conversion
  • Support of large JPG images
  • High quality PNG conversion
  • Quick and free conversion (no conversion limits)

Why use this JPG to PNG converter?

The main reason to convert a JPG image to PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is due to the advantages offered by the PNG format, such as higher quality compression, different compression algorithm, transparency and compatibility with specific applications that only support PNG. Also, the strategy of using PNG images to fill empty pixels is quite different and represents an advantage over JPG if using a very sharp version of an image is needed. You can perform this conversion easily with this effective tool, while maintaining the highest quality in your images.

Difference between JPG and PNG

There are pros and cons in each format, and the choice will depend on your needs. For JPG (or JPEG) provides more compatibility between applications, browsers and devices. Instead, PNG is better for keeping the image quality when the image is compressed. Also, one of the most important advantages of PNG is the support of transparency, which is often useful to display images in front of a background or in conjunction with other images.